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Hellhounds Testimonials


Tubby's Blues Club

Presented & Promoted by - Otis Mack

"TONY DOWLERS HELL HOUNDS A fantastic guitar driven power trio.  Tony Dowler is recognised amongst musicians as one of the best rock/blues guitarists in the Country.  Add in the superb Drumming of Steve Tansley and the solid Bass of Dave Burns and you will soon appreciate why they are becoming one of the most sought after outfits on the circuit.  Increasingly appearing in Europe we have managed to catch them on a mini tour in our area playing tracks from their Live CD. (to be released soon).

"They have written some great songs for this latest album."

Otis Mack - Tubby's Blues Club - Cheltenham, Testimonial (Feb 04, 2012)





         BJ’s    “ROCK-IN-THE-BLUES- CLUB”.


     Presented & Promoted by Lucas Campbell.

This magnificent power rock trio from the Manchester area certainly raised hell and blew us all to Kingdom Come on their debut.  Tony Dowler on lead guitar and vocals sat in the hot seat driving the band on from one great number to the next.  With scorching guitar work that burned your socks off and set your clothes a smoking he certainly raised the bar from the depths of hell, an absolute inferno of top quality playing.  On the subject of top quality playing the rhythm section was on fire, these two little devils, top professionals, Dave Burns on bass guitar and vocals, and Steve Tansley on drums, tantalised us all with simply brilliant work.  

Altogether they form a three piece rock/blues outfit to be seriously reckoned with, and in many people’s opinion could perform at any level in their field.

The band played a selection of covers from their vast repertoire from the likes of, Stevie Ray Vaughan, Rory Gallagher, ZZ Top, Jimi Hendrix, Johnny Winter and George Thorogood, and also performed original works such as “Get On The Bus” “Country Girl” “Call The Law” “Let me In” “Hell Hounds On My Trail” “Howling At The Moon” and ”Shotgun Wedding”. Finishing the pre encore proceedings came a fantastic solo slide intro piece, an electric re-worked rendition of Tony Joe Whites “As The Crow Flies which was a truly awe inspiring finale (see the bands web sites for more info) seven great numbers from a band enjoying recent success performing to crowds in the Netherlands, Belgium, Ireland and Norway. What more can one say, The Hellhounds gave us an absolutely blistering gig and had the packed crowd literally howling for more!!!

“Beware Tony Dowler’s Hell Hounds are off the leash”.

Keith Blackledge.   National and International Music Reviewer.  Testimonial (Oct 27th 2012)



Tony Dowler's Hellhounds is a hard-hitting blues-rock power trio from Manchester UK.

A band that took everyone by storm on Trandalblues in 2016.

A gang of talented enthusiasts.

Three musicians who play with guts, raw talent and a true love for the music they convey.

They made us seriously happy with highly competent playing.

They're all really nice guys who love the music of  Rory Gallagher!

Fortunately they are coming back this year for our 10th anniversary!