'Play from the heart, not by the rules'. That's the Hellhounds motto.

If you are expecting, waistcoats and funny hats or suits, shirts and ties, you have the wrong band. This is raw 'old school' down to Earth, dangerous, rock blues, with attitude; visualize Marshall, Fender, hot valves and full power.

This three piece band from Manchester England, have toured Europe and beyond, playing a mixture of their own original material as well as paying homage to heroes such as the late, great, Rory Gallagher, Stevie Ray Vaughan and Jimmy Hendrix. Basically they do as they feel on the night and the set rarely stays the same from one gig to the next. It can be anything from high tempo, hard rock to slow, mellow blues and all points in between.

Tony Dowler (guitar vocals), Dave Burns (bass) and Steve Tansley (drums) have played most kinds of music over the years, in various bands however fate always seems to bring them back together, doing what they do best! It's what they were born to do and they love doing it. This band never fails to deliver and all their gigs, whether in the UK, Netherlands, Germany, Belgium, Norway or Ireland are a huge success and quite a party (albeit not for the faint of heart).

Come and see for yourself. You won't be disappointed.